Sheet Metal & Custom Fabrications

Leaders in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Since 1893, AGI Fabricators has been one of the most well-respected companies in the sheet metal fabrication industry. Our manufacturing team works with a multitude of different materials, grades, and markets, delivering high-quality products each and every time. Our process starts with our engineering team, who identify and shore-up any potential design bottlenecks. From there, it hits our production staff, who fabricate your product to that perfected specification. Throughout the entire process, our management and engineering staffs oversee the manufacturing process for quality assurance and that AGI satisfies all deadlines in a prudent fashion. Our work ranges from spiral duct manufacturing to custom HVAC fabrication and all the way up to large-scale industrial applications, like thermal oxidizers.

Custom Fabrications & Special Projects

We have a saying at AGI Fabricators: no matter your needs, we have a solution that fits. We are a group of outside-the-box thinkers that want to collaborate on special projects and custom fabrications. From all components of industrial/commercial HVAC and emission control, we are ready to assist with our industry-leading fabrication. Working within a variety of types of steel, our team of skilled metal fabricators can produce everything from ductwork to capture hoods to thermal oxidizers and everything in between. Whether you have a spec or need help from our engineering team, we are ready to help you complete your fabrication project.

Thermal Oxidizers

One of our specialties at AGI Fabricators is the manufacturing of thermal oxidizers for use in industrial facilities. We understand the importance of this key component in any industrial facility – the safe elimination of hazardous pollutants is not something taken lightly. The team at AGI Fabricators has been building thermal oxidizers for many years for a multitude of markets. Our manufacturing facility in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin allows for the build of massive thermal oxidizers for local, national, and international delivery. Starting with our engineering team, we will work with your company to build a thermal oxidizer spec that fits your needs and your building. From there, our team will fabricate the oxidizer and put it through rigorous testing before delivery and installation.

A Full-Service Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is centrally-located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, allowing for easy distribution of manufactured products to anywhere in the world. Our facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art machinery to ensure that your product is fabricated to your exact specification. Our facility can handle even the largest custom fabrication projects – size doesn’t matter with AGI. Whatever you need, we can make it. With our centralized location, AGI can offer our services worldwide, no matter the scope of the fabrication.

Talented & Creative Team

Since 1893, AGI Fabricators has prided itself on employing the most skilled and dedicated workforce in metal fabrication. Our team of creative individuals take your project from conception through delivery, collaborating with you to ensure that all of your needs have been satisfied. From engineers to welders, each of our team members is the best in their field, dedicated to working for you and your company.

Locally-Made Spiral Duct

AGI Fabricators makes thousands of feet of spiral duct every year, locally in our facility in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Our 26-gauge spiral duct is of the highest quality and craftsmanship – like all of our special fabrication projects, we take pride in providing our customer’s with the best possible solution to their needs. And now you can order our spiral duct online – no need to call us or fax us a form. Now you can buy ten-foot spiral duct directly from the AGI website for delivery or local pickup. Click the link below to make your purchase!

Industry-leading fabrication. Choose AGI Fabricators.