Our Winkler Custom Fabricated Gates can be made in a variety of configurations based on your needs. They are constructed of heavy-gauge Carbon Steel, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel and are available in any dimension-square, round, or rectangular.

  • Available in any size up to 74 inches.
  • Material based on your requirements; various grades of Stainless and Aluminum available. Heresite painted carbon steel is available for use in acidic conditions.
  • Slides and Control Lock in any configuration.
  • Fabricated gates can be ordered with standard stubs, angle rings, or a pipe connection on both ends.
  • Available ID and OD sizes are shown in the product catalog. Please call for custom sizes outside our stock offerings.
  • Custom Gates are available with UHMW seals which greatly reduce slide leakage. For even more air control please ask about our Positive Seal Blastgates.